A moving life in phases of 10 years. 

Sint-Lukas Brussels, college of fotography and film,  brought Martine in her first 10-year cycle. She started her career as a professional photographer of mainly weddings and fashion reports. Her thousands of pictures of skies, oceans and landscapes show her passion for nature and art.

Next 10 years was pioneering job in the creation of a basic concept in the fashion world. The brand “ANVERS” was born.

In a few years the name of Anvers became known world-wide with stores from Paris to New York, London, Tokyo and of course Antwerp, where it all started.

 10 years later, after a period of extremely hard work in the fascinating world of fashion, time had come to try something else.

 A “Mas” in the Camargue, which originally was intended as a vacation spot, became a very appreciated Bed and Breakfast. Martine also started breeding Camargue horses and bulls. This 10 year experience came to an end again, this time by a sad event. Severe floods hit the Camargue and also the Mas.

Martine decided to go to Morocco, a country that had always attracted her. About 20 km away from the magic of the red city Marrakech, surrounded by the Atlas mountains, a new episode started. Fashion? Nature? Creation of handbags in the finest leather, locally made, in beautiful colours.
M , H is born…
Everything remains exciting!