Martine Hillen

All models are hand made in Morocco in fine, vegetale lambskinleather.


HASARD  also available in :   black/white, black/ecru,  black/goatfur,   W:42  x  H:31

FLOSS  also available with colored linings  W:45  x  H:28

VERDAU   W:46  x  H:43

LUCCA    also available with colored linings  W:40  x  H:42

LANCIA  also available  in : black/white, laether/tissue, leather/goatfur  W:41  x  H:27

ISSA     W:32  x  H:40

BERRYL     W:28  x  H:33

VIDOQ  computerbag  in felt   W:30  x  H:24

TAPAS  keyring  L:28

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